The A44-P has been designed for ease of operation and it is particularly well suited for assembling medium and larger frames. It can join all types of moulding with precision using special steel A+ wedges, which are manufactured in several different sizes. Supplied with a tilting floor stand, the machine can be operated from the front or the back. It has a single stage foot pedal which activates the horizontal clamp. After the operator sets the two mechanical stops, a two stage hand lever is then used to position the vertical clamp and the nail head for driving or stacking wedges anywhere along the frame joint. These machines are equipped with a very strong nail driver providing trouble free operation for many years.

Standard hold down pad with “L” shaped pad holder

Magnetic pad holder & Round + L shaped pad w/felt

5mm Allen wrench and Magnetic pen

Claw Heads 7mm, 10mm and 15mm

Single stage foot pedal for horizontal clamping

“Power Grip” Pad Holder Rod, L shaped pad with changeable rubber pad

Claw Heads 3mm, 5mm and 12mm

Special fences for hexagons or octagon

Adjustable tilting fence w/3 knobs

Metal Extension Wings

Compensation cylinder to lighten the firing unit when working tilted

Working in tilted position, operators can assemble large frames alone