The A6-MemoTS+ is the evolution of the electronic frame assembly machine A5-MemoTS. With the same ease of use, speed and precision assembly, the A6-Memo TS+ model has a magazine composed of five channels which contain five sizes of special steel wedges: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15mm. Within the same work cycle the operator can insert and / or stack wedges of different sizes in the different insertion positions. The machine is equipped with a touch screen using Windows™ CE. It allows you to store an almost endless amount of programs which can be entered manually or downloaded from a PC. The operator can easily recall the program through the touch screen or through the use of an optional bar code scanner to restart production immediately. The A6-MemoTS+ has no equal in terms in both ease of programming and speed of assembly. The horizontal, vertical and fence clamping devices provide a very precise tightening of the frames.

Data Sheet

Frame Height (min. max.):       6mm - 107mm / 1/4” - 4 1/4” 

Frame Width (min. max.):       10mm - 110mm / 3/8” - 4 1/3” 

Wedge storage capacity:         n. 220

Standard wedges size:             5-7-10-12-15mm

Pneumatic feed:                        Bar 5-7 / Psi 70-100

Air consumption:                     4 Nl at 5 BAR

                                                     0.14 cf3 at 73 Psi

Power Supply                            220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz 

Weight:                                       approx. 135 kg / 298 lbs

Height of work bench:             970 mm / 38”

Overall dimensions:                 880mm x 680mm x 1400mm

                                                     35” x 27” x 56”