PILM Wedges

PILM Division Wedges

The assembly machines of the PILM Division use “PILM” wedges.
The characteristic shape of the “PILM” wedge allows the angle to be closed by placing the two laths in traction, thus guaranteeing a high quality joint. The wedges are normally produced with single or double sharpening ideal, the latter, to be superimposed and for the junction of hardwoods.
The “PILM” wedges are produced in ALS steel and in Stainless steel, depending on the use of the staples themselves:

  • ASL steelwith standard mechanical resistance for staples that can be used with soft and medium woods;
  • Stainless steel for special applications where the presence of rust must be avoided

“PILM” wedges are packed in boxes and in a standard multiple carton of 20 boxes (MULTIPACK) which improves safety in transport and handling.