A-Plus Automation boasts a considerable experience in the production of flexible tabs pre-painted steel.

The tabs can be used with manual, pneumatic or automatic guns.

A specific set of product is used on the A-Plus Automation’s robotic systems for the automated insertion of tabs, destined to mass production.

Data Sheet

Dimensioni:                        15 x 4,5 mm

Spessore:                             0,40 mm

Tipi disponibili:                  Flessibile / Semirigido

Confezioni disponibili:     5000pz./box -  10000pz./box



Dimensions:                       15 x 4,5 mm

Thickness:                           0,40 mm

Types available:                  Flessibile / Semirigido

Packages available:            5000pcs./box -  10000pcs./box