About Us

Leader and reference point in the production of automatic machines for cutting and joining laths for the framig production

A+PLUS AUTOMATION is a company specializing in research, development and production of machines and solutions for the industry not only of wood but also plastic and aluminum.

From the experience of Giuseppe Raffoni, founder in the early ‘80s of the leading company in the industry as well as inventor of all the models of Mingraf assembling machines, in the mid 90s decided to create a team of technically qualified people to implement the experience gained in the classical production of products in the framing sector, accepting the challenge of new projects aimed at process automation.

Thus A+PLUS AUTOMATION was born with projects for the automation of the assembly of frames, of automatic systems for the insertion of flexible tabs with the design and construction of robotic lines for high production. These high-performance systems have been adopted by the most important companies in the specific production sector, allowing a qualitative leap in terms of productivity and competitiveness.

With over twenty years of experience, A-Plus Automation has become a leader and reference
point in the production of automatic machines for cutting and joining laths for the framig production, analyzing the different process phases and transposing all the knowledge acquired in the development of robotic production solutions.

A-Plus Automation is committed to the continuous development process that has allowed to be at the forefront of innovation, to offer effective and technically superior solutions for the benefit of customers.

Our philosophy the "tailor made"

Every single aspect of our production process is studied and evaluated with great care. At the core of our philosophy, there are people who dedicate themselves with commitment to building our products with design, engineering and production in Italy, allow us to apply the “tailor-made” philosophy, giving the possibility to also make customized equipment and process options .

The integration of the range with the “PILM” products allows us to complete our offer with a wider range and in order to be able to provide the best solution for the most varied needs.

The expertise and experience in the field of mechanics, electronics and software, are the basic elements of an excellent technical know-how to allow its customers to solve any type of production problem in the specific market.