Robot FAR4

Robot FAR4

FAR4-V5* automated assembly machine is a 4 side frame assembly machine, that has a high rate of productivity combined with superior accuracy.
The machine is designed to work together with two of our automatic saws, T3xx Automatica. The machines are connected together through special modules able to feed the machines cut material, according to a sequence programmed by the operator. They can be interfaced with other automatic machines down the line.
The computerized control system allows a very simple way to program the work cycles.
Once you select a program, the machines changeover is performed automatically. All axis of the machine are servo driven, therefore only minimal assistance is needed.
The custom WINDOWSTM based software is extremely easy to use and it can be connected to a barcode scanner. The user created programs are protected by a password and several user levels can be set. There is almost an unlimited capacity of programs that can be stored in the PC.

Safety device to prevent the access to the moving parts, which are controlled by safety systems conforming to CE norms.

Application for mobile devices

With O.S. IOS® or Android® that allows to manage production data and manage A-Plus devices.

Applicazione per dispositivi mobili con S.O. IOS® o Android® con cui si possono gestire i dati di produzione e programmare i dispositivi A-Plus